Emani Lineage

वीणा वादन तत्वज्ञः, श्रुति जाति विशारदः।
तालज्ञश्चाप्रयासेन, मोक्ष मार्गं नियच्छति।।

– Yajnavalkya

(“Veena vadhana tathvangna shruti, jaati, vishaaradaha taalangnyashcha praayasena moksha maargam niyacchati”)

Srikalapurna Vidushi Smt. Emani Kalyani Lakshminarayana hails from the family of noted Vainikas from Andhra Pradesh in India. She is a leading veena exponent of India. A top graded Artiste of All India Radio. She learnt the intricate techniques of playing Veena from her illustrious father and guru Mahamahopadhyaya Padmasri (Late) Dr. Emani Shankara Sastry. She is the only Veena player of our times who is carrying forward the renowned Emani legacy.

She was a child prodigy and under her father and Guru’s tutelage, she learnt all the complicated nuances and honed her skills. She has been performing from the age of 13. She accompanied her father & Guru – Maestro Emani Shankara Sastry on the second veena and earned appreciation from stalwarts in the Carnatic Music Industry at a very young age.

Concerts in India & Abroad

Concerts in India

Smt. Kalyani has performed across several prestigious forums within India including AIR, TTD etc., She has performed at many major local sabhas at Hyderabad, Udipi, Chickmagalur, Hassan, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Vishakapatnam, Warangal, Guntur, Lucknow, Jaipur, Brindavan for Ganesh, Navaratri Festivals, Saint Thyagaraja Aaraadhana Festivals, Sri Rama Navami celebrations and many more.

Concerts Abroad

Vidushi Kalyani has travelled across the globe taking the instrument Veena to popularize on a Global platform. She has held several workshops around the world to explain the significance of the great instrument Veena and techniques of Veena playing, creating interest amongst the youngsters and thereby helping promote and preserve a significant part of our rich culture and heritage.

Smt. Kalyani has extensively toured USA,UK, Canada and Russia and Laos. Her concerts are well attended by international audience in many cities: New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Connecticut, Arizona, New Jersey,San Jose,  Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa, Moscow, Samarkhand, Bokaro etc.,


Press Articles & Reviews

Smt Kalyani’s Raga rendering is admired by music lovers, critics and connoisseurs of Carnatic Music as the most pleasing and melody based one. She is noted for playing Swara Prastharas with clarity, facility and precision.

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