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Deccan Chronicle

  • “Smt. Kalyani shines in Emani style”
  • “Then Emani, now Kalyani”
  • “The recital which revealed Kalyani in her best form was marked by elegance, exuberance and poetic sensitivity.”


  • “Smt. Kalyani’s Artistry was most evident in SimhendraMadhyamam. She delved deep into Raga illumined fully projecting its Majestic Grandeur”

Hindustan Times

  • “Trademark rendition of Emani style by Smt. Kalyani”

Indian Express

  • “Soul filling music – Smt. Kalyani gave radiant delineation of HINDOLAM. Mantra Pushpam brought the concert to spiritually satisfying conclusion.

KHARAHARAPRIYA was classy and it was well designed and well executed. The kutcheri fully brought out Kalyani’s mastery over the Instrument and its gamut and provided a spiritually satisfying aesthetic experience to the listeners.”

Hyderabad Western Music Forum

  • This evening was spectacular with the Veena recital by Kalyani Lakshminarayana. This Veena is called the Saraswati Veena. She did the unexpected by playing so beautifully that those present who were not regular listeners of Carnatic music were attracted to the music due to the striking tone of the Veena and the musician’s ability to draw such emotion and melody out of the instrument. Kalyani Lakshminarayana was a picture of assurance and artistry. The sound of the veena is mellow and meditative. Sharp and soulful, yet with a singing quality true to the gayaki tradition of Carnatic music, which is essentially a vocal music and meant to be sung. The artist did make the Veena sing. Amongst the last songs that she did was one that sounded like a boogie. Many thought that it sounded like an old song called ‘In the Mood’, and it got the audience swaying and happy, and in the mood to boogie. We can say her musicality was impressive and she has brought many new listeners to the fold of Carnatic music and the Veena.”

Smt Kalyani’s Raga rendering is admired by music lovers, critics and connoisseurs of Carnatic Music as the most pleasing and melody based one. She is noted for playing Swara Prastharas with clarity, facility and precision.

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